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Amethyst Ring in Sterling Silver      
Code: AMR13   Sold
Length: 14 mm (.6 in)
Height: 7 mm (.3 in)
Width: 9 mm (.4 in)
Size: 8.5
Price: $60.00 CAD
Faceted, rectangular amethyst stone in sterling silver
Beautiful deep purple with fancy silver work on setting and band. The hinged lid opens to reveal a small compartment.
This type of ring with a compartment has names such as "poison ring", "potion ring", and "locket ring". They have been used to carry poison, perfume, messages, and other keepsakes.
Unique product
You will receive the exact item shown in the photograph.
Dimensions are measured at the widest points. Dimensions and weight are approximate.
Amethyst Ring in Sterling Silver
Amethyst Ring in Sterling Silver