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Sterling Silver Kalachakra Prayer Box Pendant      
Code: 3825   Sold
Source: Tibet
Length: 20 mm (.8 in)
Width: 16 mm (.6 in)
Depth: 6 mm (.2 in)
Price: $25.95 CAD
Oval, locket-style pendant in sterling silver
Tibetan Kalachakra symbol on front with ornate braiding along the back edge. The pendant opens up to hold an object or, traditionally, a written prayer.
Kalachakra is a Sanskrit term that means "time wheel" or "time cycles". It also refers to an advanced teaching and practice in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. The symbol on the pendant is actually a simplified representation of the Tenfold Powerful One symbol of the Kalachakra traditions.
This type of pendant may also be referred to as a Klachakra gau (ghau or gao) box pendant.
Unique product
You will receive the exact item shown in the photograph.
Dimensions are measured at the widest points. Dimensions and weight are approximate.
Sterling Silver Kalachakra Prayer Box Pendant
Sterling Silver Kalachakra Prayer Box Pendant