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Roman Glass Bracelet      
Code: RGBR   
Source: Middle East
Length: 190 mm (7.5 in)
Width: 6 - 10 mm (.2 - .4 in)
Price: $32.95 CAD
Nine irregular rectangular, handcrafted glass beads
Sterling silver lobster claw; strung with metal cord
Translucent bluish-green glass beads with an iridescent coating. The size of the beads tapers down to the clasp.
Roman glass is glass excavated from sites in the once Roman Empire dating back almost 2000 years. The glass, buried in mineral rich soil, has been oxidized, causing the bluish-green patina on the surface.
Unique product
You will receive the exact item shown in the photograph.
Dimensions are measured at the widest points. Dimensions and weight are approximate.
Roman Glass Bracelet