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Handcrafted Perfumes

Soft and seductive, warm and gentle, spicy and sensual. Or dark, heavy, and hypnotic. These words are inadequate to describe the indescribable essences of the perfumes handcrafted by Canadian master artisan Michael O'Malley of Nothing Perfume. His skillful and subtle blending of pure essential and perfume oils creates luxurious fragrances.

There are 23 unique perfumes available in a variety of handcrafted bottles, pendants, massage oils, body misters, and, of course, perfume refills.

The perfumes are handcrafted by Nothing Perfume at their shop La Parfumerie in Winnipeg, Canada. Their perfumes are all natural, contain no alcohol, and are animal friendly.

For any of the products shown below click on the thumbnail photo to see product information and price. Unless specifically stated props shown in photos are not included or available for sale.

Perfumes, Scented Massage Oils and Body Mists
Handcrafted in Canada

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Displaying Handcrafted Perfumes thumbnails 1 to 23 (of 23)  <<First   <Previous   1   Next>   Last>>