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Common mica is also known as muscovite and is one of Earth's principal rock-forming minerals. A form of mica called isinglass was commonly used in Russia for windows due to its transparency and strength.

Key attributes associated with muscovite are stimulation of the rational mind, effective problem solving, clear and quick thinking, and inspiration. It is also claimed to be a powerful and effective crystal for mental and emotional protection, especially in relationships, as well as physically alleviating headaches and migraines.

Our selection of mica includes mainly natural formations such as clusters and points. We also include mica in combination with other minerals such as chromium (fuchsite) and lithium (lepidolite).

For any of the products shown below click on the thumbnail photo to see product information and price. Unless specifically stated props shown in photos are not included or available for sale.

In the Mica section we have a much greater variety of products than what's shown. Contact us for more information or if you're looking for specific items.

Star Muscovite Cluster
Star Muscovite Cluster

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Displaying Mica thumbnails 1 to 12 (of 12)  <<First   <Previous   1   Next>   Last>>